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A couple of months ago I speculated about the possibility of Tarryl Clark running for Governor in 2010. In the St. Cloud Times today, Larry Schumacher writes about the possibility and comes to the conclusion that Clark is not throwing her hat into the ring just yet.

"I'm just humbled at getting to represent this area," she said. "I know I'm on some of those lists, and it doesn't bother me. But I don't want people to think I'm out job-hunting, because I'm not."

From my perspective, this is something that Clark HAS to say until she formally announces such a run and it is far too early to be out there running for Governor. While it quashes rumors and speculation about a run right now, it certainly does not make a run out of the question. As I have stated previously:

Here is a woman whose energy and drive have put her on the fast track to a leadership position in the Minnesota Senate. She has, since that first special election, taken the legislature by storm and worked exceedingly hard for her constituents as well as those in the education community. I daresay her work on education would make her the education Governor more than any other prior Governor since the likes of Wendell Anderson and the Minnesota Miracle.

Larry Haws, one of my favorite representatives, chimed in on the possibility:

"I think it's time we have a female governor, and so do a lot of DFLers," Haws said. "And (Clark) has as good a qualities as anybody I know for the job."

Haws is absolutely right on both fronts. First, with so many great female legislators and leaders out there, it is high time we put one in the Governor's office. Second, Tarryl is extremely knowledgeable about the issues facing this state as well as being a non-polarizing figure that genuinely hopes to bring people together. I would also add that she is more of an outstate legislator which I believe would work in her favor. Having lived the majority of my life in northern and northwestern Minnesota, I can say with some authority that a perception exists that this Governor and previous Governor's have ignored the state north of St. Cloud.

Towards the end of the article, however, the Republican Party as represented by right winger King Banaian tries to sling the mud before anyone has even entered the race:

"I suspect her name would become 'Larry Tarryl Clark Pogemiller,' "

His contention, that Tarryl Clark is little more than a partisan, is nothing more than the pot calling the kettle black. Beyond that, it is not even a very well thought out attack. For Banaian, it wouldn't matter how much bipartisanship Clark displayed because she has that dreaded DFL symbol behind her name.

For right now, Banaian is more concerned with chastising the very institution that has provided him employment as being a tool of indoctrination. It is a shame, apparently, that all institutions of higher learning don't tow his party line views.