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In our last episode of Where in the World is Michele Bachmann, we found our favorite absentee representative showing love to an organization (Young America's Foundation) with ties to such notable right wingers as George "Macaca" Allen and super bigot, Anne Coulter.

This time around, Bachmann is foregoing constituent services within the district to attend and speak at an organization which has ponied up the dough for her during the last two election cycles. The collegiate wing of the ultra right wing organization known as Eagle Forum is having a summit and at 1pm on Thursday, July 10th, Michele Bachmann will be speaking.

What is Eagle Forum Collegians?

As per all conservative college organizations, they are out to spread the meme of the supposed liberal indoctrination on our college campuses:

EFC can be a strong voice for traditional values and conservative principles on YOUR campus. It starts with YOU!

  • Are you tired of student fees being used to promote liberal causes?

  • Are you concerned about the blatant advocacy of radical leftist ideas in your classroom?

  • Are you being pressured by the politically correct agenda on your campus?

The Collegian Summit she will be attending seeks to provide the tools to college students so that they too might continue the witch hunt on campuses across the country:

"inspire action against professors and policies with a Liberal Agenda"

One has to wonder what actions they will be promoting "against" these professors. Oh, the outrage that would be heard if a "liberal" organization were to hold a summit to "inspire action against" educators that have a decidedly conservative agenda. Michele Bachmann, who ignores the college students across her district, will be guaranteed a friendly crowd of conservative college students to validate her beliefs that the scary liberal professors lurking in the halls of universities across the country are bent on turning the United States into a Communist paradise.

Other notable attendees to this summit:
So, with nary an open forum to be found here in the 6th Congressional District involving Michele Bachmann, the people in Washington D.C. have now officially doubled the amount of face time with our representative when compared with the amount of face time we have had in the past two months.

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