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The Young Turks lambasted the newest attack ad put out by the Coleman Campaign as one of the most patronizing videos they have ever seen:

My question: Norm Coleman doesn't believe that Al Franken is qualified to be a United States Senator. So, he creates an ad with "average" Minnesotans who say that they are just as qualified as Al Franken. Does Coleman then believe that the average Minnesotan is unqualified to be a United States Senator? Is that really the message you want to be sending to the people of Minnesota? I'm better than you and since you aren't really qualified, let me handle things. Nice work, Norm! Isn't that what Republicans like to decry as ELITISM?


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  1. Gary Gross On July 26, 2008 at 11:47 PM

    It isn't Norm's fault that you endorsed an idiot who isn't qualified to be a state legislator.

    I listened to King's & Michael's interview of Priscilla Lord-Faris. I now know why Franken won't debate her: She'd clean his clock.

    As she said, she's actually read & written legislation. Al??? Probably not so much.

    As for the ad, it's Sen. Coleman's way of saying that he'd trust these gents' judgment more than Franken's.