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Jim Oberstar (DFL), discusses H.R. 3999 (NATIONAL HIGHWAY BRIDGE RECONSTRUCTION AND INSPECTION ACT OF 2008) on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Oberstar discussing the I-35W bridge collapse and the need for increased bridge inspection:

Oberstar discusses structurally deficient bridges as well as addresses complaints about the bill in question:

An article from the Star Tribune addresses the bill:

House backs $1 billion initiative to upgrade nation's bridges

The $1 billion bridge reconstruction program -- Congress' first nationwide response to the Interstate 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis last summer -- would ensure that states beef up inspections and upgrade bridges that are deemed the most critical to safety.

The new federally mandated system has run into resistance from officials in Minnesota and elsewhere who say they are better positioned to decide which bridges are in the most urgent need of repair. Minnesota transportation officials say they have already begun to realign their bridge priorities in response to the bridge collapse.

"The concern is valid," said Brad Larsen, a federal relations manager for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). "Some of the things the bill is asking for we're already doing. And we're likely to continue doing them whether or not the bill passes."

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