This represents Part 2 of a larger series about the fundraising efforts of Michele Bachmann. In Part 1 we covered only a small fraction of the "leadership PAC" contributions currently propping up the 2nd quarter numbers of Bachmann.

Yet, for all of this attention and media coverage (most of which is with outlets far away from her district) her latest FEC report reflects a candidate being propped up, not by those in her district or even those in the corporate world but rather, by the helping hand of over 40 leadership PACS and campaign committees of ultra-conservative candidates across the country. These groups typically seek to help candidates in vulnerable districts and not candidates in areas deemed safe. Perhaps this swell of support from her "friends" in Congress is less indicative of friendship and more indicative of a campaign afraid of just how vulnerable it actually has become.

So, how vulnerable is Michele Bachmann? Well, if these contributions are any indicator, she is nearly $100,000 worth of vulnerable.
Let's take a look at some more "Friends of Bachmann" who have chipped in to keep those fundraising numbers looking slightly more than anemic:

Issa for Congress $1000
Darrell Issa (R) from California who recently took the occasion of Tim Russert's death to advocate for drilling offshore also got into some trouble awhile back for claiming that the 9/11 attacks were nothing more than a plane crash and did not merit the amount of money being allocated to its victims.

Midnight Sun PAC $1000
Despite her strong opposition to earmarks, Bachmann is more than willing to take cash from Mr. Earmark, Don Young. You may remember Don Young from his Bridge to Nowhere, the connections to Jack Abramoff, and the fact that he is under investigation for various illegal dealings.

PETE PAC Ppl for Ent, Trade, & Econ Gro $2500
Bachmann certainly does love those representatives connected with Jack Abramoff. Pete Sessions (R) of Texas is yet another of these embroiled in the Abramoff scandal.

RED PAC $3500
Adam Putnam (R) of Florida who has tried to lambast Speaker Pelosi about requesting an "Air Force Three" Jet and who has claimed that the "rednecks" who didn't come out to vote were the reason Republicans lost in 2006 is yet another "Friend of Bachmann" making sure that her numbers look more impressive than they would have without leadership PAC support.

Rely on Your Beliefs Fund $5000
"Rely on Your Beliefs" is the PAC of Roy Blunt (R) of Missouri. Blunt has in the past been named as one of the most corrupt members of Congress by Citizens for Ethics:

Rep. Blunt’s ethics issues stem from his abuse of his position for the benefit of his family, including providing legislative assistance to his wife and son and using his clout to solicit contributions for another son’s campaign. Details of Rep. Blunt’s egregious activities can be found at

Texas Freedom Fund $2500
The fund of Texas Congressman, Joe Barton (R). Barton refused to allow the Combating Autism Act out of his committee setting up a battle with the most unlikely of people, Rick Santorum (R). He also chose to vote against the Hurricane Katrina Emergency Relief bill. In a strangely relevant case, it seems he and other Republicans were deeply divided on oil drilling and refineries when they were in the majority:

On September 26, 2005, Barton introduced the Gasoline for America's Security Act of 2005 to the House of Representatives in what he said was a response to the present energy crisis. The most significant part of the bill gave the authority for the government to subsidize the construction of new refineries for petrochemical companies, despite the fact that the oil companies had intentionally been closing down refineries for years prior to the hurricanes. It would allow for oil companies to construct refineries on military bases and government controlled areas offshore. The bill also included a clause in which several environmental restrictions on the oil companies would be repealed.[citation needed]

The bill passed by two votes on October 7, 2005, with a narrow 212-210 vote. The bill, which was supposed to be open for vote for only five minutes, was held on the floor for almost 50 minutes, to the chagrin of Democrats who chanted "Shame! Shame!"[6] During that time, the Washington Post reported that Rep. Tom DeLaymoderate Republicans who were originally opposed to the legislation, ultimately convincing them to vote for the bill. Environmentalists and their allies from both parties argued that the country could not stand any relaxation of the Clean Air Act.[citation needed] (R-Tex) twisted the arms of

The critics argued that the oil companies themselves should be paying the construction costs of new refineries in a year when they were getting ready to announce industry-record profits, especially since they had been the ones who shut down now-needed refineries just four years earlier.[citation needed]

From 1995 to 2001, American oil companies shut down 24 oil refineries along the West Coast. Gas prices in the mid-1990s were low — too low for the likes of the oil companies. Refineries were operating efficiently, producing large quantities of gasoline and therefore cheapening the cost of gas at the pump.[citation needed]

According to, a watchdog group that monitors monetary contributions to politicians, Barton alone has received close to $2 million in campaign contributions from energy companies and their political action committees since he has been in office. The oil and gas industry has been the top industry contributor to his campaign. This does not include contributions from individuals who work for petrochemical companies, though. Last year, employees from Anadarko Petroleum alone, contributed $50,000, reports.

The New Republic magazine has called Barton a "Big Oil lackey." According to TNRHurricane Katrina to jam through still more energy subsidies, ease environmental regulations on refineries, and press for more offshore oil and gas drilling." writer Michael Crowley, "Barton champions a pro-industry agenda with no apparent concern for appearances. Just two months after [the Gasoline for America's Security Act], he exploited concerns over energy supplies in the aftermath of

The Freedom Project $10000
This $10,000 coupled with the $4,000 already given by John Boehner makes a total of $14,000 from this guy pal of Bachmann. You remember John Boehner, the guy who assisted in the Mark Foley coverup and was an ardent supporter of failed Secretary of Defense, Don Rumsfeld.

Bachmann maintains a who's who of Republican representative supporters who will continue to make sure that her fundraising appears to be more substantial than it actually is. Unfortunately for Bachmann, her support continues to come from the scandal ridden members of her party but she will continue to support them as long as the cash keeps flowing.

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  1. Gary Gross On July 27, 2008 at 3:57 PM

    It must suck knowing that El Tinklenberg is gonna get trounced this November. Think of all the work you did going for naught.