As if the money for Bachmann's re-election campaign coming from magical sex elixirs wasn't bad enough for the woman who claims to fight for "traditional family values". Now it seems as though some of that campaign money is coming from family friendly strip shows in Las Vegas.

H/T to America Blog & Firedoglake:

Pete Sessions (R) from Texas and his leadership PAC, People for Enterprise, Trade, & Economic Growth (PETEPAC) held a little party at a Las Vegas "Club" back in March of this year. By the end of March, PETEPAC generously gave our 6th District Congresswoman a contribution of $2500.

This is how the club's owner, Ivan Kane, describes his brand of burlesque.

Ivan Kane: The key component would be to have girls who were dancers taking their clothes off, not just girls taking their clothes off.

Not only did Bachmann receive some of this stripper money, 3rd District Republican candidate, Erik Paulsen received $5000 from PETEPAC. In an election where Minnesota Republicans are faux outraged about satirical comments made by Al Franken, it appears as though they are concerned primarily with comments and not with instances in which women are actually exploited and in which they benefit from said exploitation. Between the erotic elixirs of William Hudlow and stripraiser money from PETEPAC, it might be safe to say that the sex industry is throwing its support behind Michele Bachmann, Erik Paulsen, and the Republican Party of Minnesota. I guess I had never realized that family values meant strippers and horny goat weed.

Interestingly, Bachmann may have some explaining to do to her overlords at Eagle Forum because they are none too pleased with Pete Sessions and his stripraiser:

Aides to Mr. Sessions, a self-described conservative, and others said the act was a mild burlesque show, but some conservative activists were aghast that the event was held at an adult club.

"What's the difference?" asked Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum. "I don't think that it's representative of the constituents of the district. I'm in shock."

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