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A Republican candidate has emerged to fill the open Senate seat in District 16. Her name, Alison Weaver Krueger. I sent her an email with some questions that I will post if and when she returns my email.

Thus far, there is still no word on a Mark Olson filing for House District 16B...


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  1. Gary Gross On July 16, 2008 at 4:43 PM

    I met Alison Krueger last night at our meeting. Betsy Wergin introduced her, which essentially means that she's endorsing Alison.

    As you know, Mr. Olson didn't file for 16B, which means that Mary Kiffmeyer will solidly defeat Steve Andrews this November.

    With Sen. Wergin in her corner & with the active role she's played in that district, I predict that Mark Olson wouldn't stand a chance of winning the endorsement, which means he'd get defeated in a primary challenge.

    The bottom line is that SD-16 is locked up as is HD-16B.