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Yesterday, Tim Walz introduced a piece of legislation he is referring to as the Middle Class Tax Fairness Act:

Today, I am introducing legislation that will restore balance to our tax code and do something unusual: help reduce the national debt. My bill will be a jump-start to this slumping economy. It will double the standard deduction for the next 2 years, providing an annual savings of $750 to 61 million Americans. It will expand access to the child tax credit and provide relief on property tax.

My legislation allows the middle class to keep their income and does so in a fiscally responsible manner, by fully being paid for.

This is a continued effort to highlight the floor speeches of Minnesota's Democratic delegation in Congress. For more floor speeches, visit the MNMuseTube Page.
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1 Response to "MNMuseTube: Walz (Middle Class Tax Fairness)"

  1. Gary Gross On July 26, 2008 at 11:49 PM

    Unfortunately, Rep. Walz won't listen to his constituents who want cheaper gas prices.

    Rep. Walz is more interested in pleasing Ms. Pelosi than he's interested in listening to constituents.