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Josh Behling, future former candidate for House District 15B, would like you to take a look at his campaign site and believe that he is a classy individual worthy of replacing Larry Haws in the Minnesota House of Representatives. However, Behling may not want you to know that he also had a blog (not that there is anything wrong with that).

What IS wrong with that is the classless use of pictures and photoshop used by Behling to put curse words into the mouths of infants. Just below his profile you will find an image of former candidate, Hillary Clinton, with a young child and an added speech bubble reading, "A little closer b*tch... closer...".

I emailed Mr. Behling for comment and am currently awaiting his response. Perhaps he will explain to us why he feels the need to put offensive curse words into the mouth of an infant as well as advocate violence against women.

Mr. Behling,

Would you like to comment on your photoshopped image of an infant child using curse words currently found on your blog? Do you often advocate children using such language? Is it your belief that hitting women is in some way humorous?

Thank You