It appears as though the Bachmann Campaign strategy is to run a re-election battle from afar. From stops in Alaska to Colorado to Louisiana to Texas, who would have thought that Minnesota's 6th Congressional District was so large? Unfortunately, Bachmann seems to be campaigning everywhere BUT the place in which she was elected. Certainly, she has graced us with her appearance in a few parades in which she sits atop a float far from the people she represents but her presence in the district and in the state beyond those appearances should be a source of concern to constituents who deserve local representation rather than self promoting politicians seeking only to advance up another step on the political ladder.

In yet another absentee appearance, Bachmann will be sending her "office" to the annual Farmfest:

Next week, my staff will hold Mobile Office Hours at FARMFEST. They will be on hand to talk to you about any issues you may be having with a federal agency or program and to talk to you about your thoughts and concerns on current events and legislation. If you are having a specific problem with a federal benefit or program and have letters or documents that might help my staff get answers for you quickly, please bring copies of that paperwork when you visit.

Where, then, will Michele Bachmann be? Two of her congressional colleagues, Tim Walz and Collin Peterson will be there and participating in the candidate forum. Also in attendance will be her opponent, El Tinklenberg. So, where in the world will Michele Bachmann be? Has Bachmann become so enamored with the national exposure that she has forgotten that she is a representative of one district in one part of Minnesota rather than representative of the Republican Party across the country? It is absolutely shameful for her to send what amounts to the "C" squad to Farmfest while she gallivants around the country speaking in mythical terms of $2 gas and continuing to outright lie about supporting "All of the Above". The Tinklenberg Campaign ought to be hammering her on this absenteeism day after day. Perhaps we need a Where in the World is Michele Bachmann booth or demonstration at Farmfest this year.

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1 Response to "Bachmann "Office" Comes To Farmfest, But What About Bachmann?"

  1. Gary Gross On July 29, 2008 at 9:49 PM

    Isn't it convenient that all of the energy bills that Rep. Bachmann has voted against contain massive tax increases?

    Can't Democrats pass bills that don't have billions of $$$ of tax increases in them?

    Try it some time. People might actually appreciate it.