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Congratulations to Steve Andrews, DFL candidate in House District 16B for getting the endorsement to run against Mary Kiffmeyer and Mark Olson this November. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Andrews a few months ago at an event he held in his home. He was gracious and friendly to everyone he met and left a wonderful impression on me as a man of principle and value that would both serve that district well and serve the people of Minnesota well.

Since that event, I have seen Mr. Andrews at a few events I have attended and covered. Each and every time he has been welcoming and friendly.

From the Press Release:

Andrews: 'Finding Common Ground Makes Us Stronger'

Andrews, who's making his first bid for state office, said as state representative he'll work to end the long-running "partisan food fight" at the Capitol.

"It's easy to listen to others when their ideas are the same as our own," he told delegates at Milaca Area High School. "It takes real work to listen to folks with another viewpoint. It takes leadership to bring both sides together for our common good."

In his convention speech, Andrews mapped out a positive agenda based on months of conversations with Democrats, Republicans and independents across the district:

  • Ending Massive Property Tax Hikes: "We are at the limit of what we can afford to pay in property taxes. This is particularly true for our seniors and others living on a fixed income. Simply shifting taxes to local government has been a failure and now it's time to clean up the mess and bring about fair-share taxation."
  • Building an Education System for the 21st Century: "(W)e must provide our children with the tools they need to compete … unfunded mandates and rollercoaster funding policies have taken their toll. It's time to fix the problems with "No Child Left Behind" or get rid of it!"
  • Effective Solutions to Local Traffic Problems: "(W)e have to make the hard decisions and spend (state funds) wisely on the most needed projects."
  • Health Care for Children is a Moral Obligation: "We will not rest until all the citizens in our state have access to health care. We will find common ground because 80,000 children in our state without health care is inexcusable and immoral."

Good Luck, Mr. Andrews!