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I was at the 6th District DFL Convention yesterday chronicling events with my video camera. One of those events were the speeches given by the two candidates seeking the DFL endorsement to run against Norm Coleman this fall. While Franken has been garnering much of the support across the state, it seemed to me that he was significantly underrepresented yesterday. There appeared to be more people sporting Nelson-Pallmeyer apparel than Franken apparel.

You can read my previous analysis of these candidates here.

Al Franken spoke first and discussed the "new progressive majority" he and others are building in Congress. It is interesting to note that many DFL "progressives" have found Franken to be less than progressive. To be honest, this was a lackluster speech given to a crowd that was not particularly attentive. His money quote, however, was that it is time to send Norm Coleman home to Brooklyn.

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer told a story about going to India and seeing the plight of the people while he and the other visitors were ushered into a luxury hotel. This speech, like many of his speeches, was a call to action for people across the district and across the state. Nelson-Pallmeyer has an uphill climb to beat Al Franken but he represents an inspiring voice in the Democratic Party.

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2 responses to "6th CD Convention Video: Franken v. Nelson-Pallmeyer"

  1. Charley Underwood On April 28, 2008 at 7:17 PM

    I am delighted that you were able to listen to both candidates. There has been a real concerted effort by Franken supporters to restrict delegate contact with the two senate candidates. At CD3, they originally wanted to have only 2-minute speeches. At CD4 and CD5, the Franken people on the rules committee provided only 3 minutes. In all three, limits were eventually expanded somewhat, but the proposals for Q & A were blocked.

    Franken, of course, has also refused any further possibility of debates or forums with Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. Franken even avoids reporters.

    Franken's difficulty is that he has celebrity, but people who hear Jack are almost always converts after hearing them both. It is hard for me to understand how Franken expects to win an election with so little public contact.

  2. lavndrblue On May 15, 2008 at 8:56 AM

    Why has JNP's video been pulled from YouTube?