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Whenever given the opportunity to discuss taxes, and her apparent hatred of those taxes, Michele Bachmann jumps at the chance. On her campaign website she prominently displays her goals on the issues of taxation:

I will work tirelessly to put hard earned money back in taxpayers' pockets - where it belongs - not in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.

While one could argue that the taxpayers' pockets that Bachmann truly wants lined are those of her campaign contributors and the big business interests attached to those contributors, it appears as though Bachmann is not quite the defender of taxation that she so often claims.

One group whose taxes Bachmann has no interest in lowering are those of gay couples across the country. CNN reports that gay couples face significant disadvantages come tax time due in no small part to the crusades led by the forces Bachmann supports:

Gay couples often pay higher taxes because they don't get the federal tax benefits that go with marriage. And for couples in state-sanctioned domestic partnerships, civil unions or same-sex marriages, filing federal income taxes can involve doing three sets of paperwork instead of one.

These couples who are by any definition, a family, are not afforded such rights when it comes to the federal government dipping into their pockets. In fact, Bachmann and her ilk would like to see this increased taxation set in stone in the Constitution. She would like to keep this debate in the realm of "morality" and the destruction of the "family" but needs to be constantly reminded of the utter hypocrisy in her message because at the same time she is trying to destroy the gay family she is also raising their taxes. Apparently, social conservative bigotry trumps fiscal conservative tax policy.


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  1. yahwehfrk On April 16, 2008 at 4:57 PM

    The Defense of Marriage Act states that marriage is between a man and a woman. Anything outside of that is not a marriage and therefore taxed at a different rate. They chose the "lifestyle" they have, we didn't and we should not be having their immorailty shoved down our throats!