Now that Elwyn Tinklenberg is the DFL endorsed candidate for Congressional District Six, the question is whether or not the various factions that have formed in this area can come together in order to defeat Michele Bachmann.

Let us be honest, even at our most united this will be an uphill battle. None of these factions can win an election in a district such as this without uniting under one flag. I certainly hope it can happen but early rumblings from after the convention indicate that this endorsement and this speech are only the very beginning of rebuilding a unity in the DFL in the 6th District.

I am not a campaign manager nor have I ever been intimately involved in ANY campaign. However, the first step for me if I was advising the Tinklenberg Campaign would be to spend the next week or two vigorously seeking out those Olson supporters who may feel somewhat jaded and bring them into the fold. It sounds easier than it will be, but I daresay it would give the signal that you are truly interested in unity.

Olson, for all his problems campaigning, has a message that resonates with quite a few DFLers including myself. His expertise in tax law would be an invaluable asset to any campaign and I would hope that the Tinklenberg people will find a way to benefit from that expertise. Also, his advocacy of alternative energy and knowledge of the issues surrounding those energies could give Tinklenberg a well rounded message. Only time will tell...

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