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Larry Schumacher continues to do an excellent job liveblogging the Convention today.

Vets For Freedom claims to be a "nonpartisan" organization, however, at the 6th District GOP Convention going on today its Minnesota Chairman appears to have contradicted that stance:

Mike Bauman, Vets for Freedom Minnesota state chairman, addressing crowd immediately after Bachmann:

"My fellow Minnesotans, my fellow Republicans, distinguished delegates ...

"I am an Iraq War veteran ... proud Republican and committed Christian believer.

"I do not stand here solely as an advocate for a partisan cause.

I have to wonder if this statement will come back to bite him or if the lack of media and video archiving just saved his behind. Does this affect their FEC status?

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1 Response to "Vets For Freedom Chair Confirms Partisanship..."

  1. Gary Gross On April 6, 2008 at 1:21 PM

    Eric, CREW is labeled as a nonpartisan organization though they're part of the Soros umbrella of organizations. People for the American Way is one of the most radical liberal groups around & they're called nonpartisan, too.

    If I had the authority, I'd do away with the word nonpartisan as it pertains to an organization's leanings.