In my email inbox today, there appeared what I took as a response to the recent claim by Bob Olson that he is leading the delegate count of those people he has contacted. I will leave the analysis of this particular message to others.

Dear Delegate,

The last couple of months have proven to be both intense and rewarding. I want to compliment all of you and all of the other people who worked so hard to make this endorsement process efficient and enjoyable.

As I’ve been calling through all of the delegates, I feel I’ve grown through our conversations, not just as a Democrat, but as a person. I want to take this opportunity, in these last couple of weeks of the endorsement process, to thank you. I want to thank you for your willingness to engage in dialogue, despite the calls I know you’re getting from so many other campaigns and candidates. I want to thank you for your commitment to the process, for the support you’ve given me, and for the opportunity to earn your endorsement.

Most of you have heard me say that in the past, we have allowed ourselves to be distracted by ugliness and divisiveness within our own party. I always end this statement by saying, “But not this time”. For my part, I will continue to uphold that vow.

I have admired the way our Senate candidates have managed to run diligent campaigns focused on the issues, and the way they have conveyed a professionalism which has allowed their campaigns to compromise, communicate and even at times coordinate. This is what the DFL /should/ be about because our ultimate vision is one of unity and inclusiveness.

On April 26^th , there will only be one endorsed candidate for Congress from the Sixth District. But, we WIN if the /thousands/ of people who showed up on caucus night, continue to believe we can put forward a campaign that embodies the optimism and change that brought them out on February 5^th .

To squander our chances of victory because we’ve divided, once again, within our own ranks, is criminal when it means that Congresswoman Bachmann might be allowed to continue her dangerous and disastrous Congressional reign.

I believe our campaign represents the best opportunity to defeat Representative Bachmann in the fall and to champion our Democratic ideals. That belief is supported by leaders like Representatives McCollum and Ellison, State Senator Tarryl Clark and State Representative Marsha Swails and every labor organization that has made an endorsement. But all of that support, while a clear indication of the strength of our campaign, /only/ matters if we also earn the support of the Sixth District delegates. That happens one delegate at a time, when we take nothing for granted, and when we respect the rights of people to make up their own minds, seek more information, and make the decision that’s right for them and for the district. Our campaign will never abuse people’s support by using it as leverage or as a way to “stick it” to an opponent.

The results of the balloting on April 26^th will speak for themselves. In the meantime, I will continue to work hard to earn your support. I look forward to talking with you all and building a strong campaign we can all take pride in.



El Tinklenberg
While I certainly cannot support Mr. Olson any longer given that I have no interest in hunting the white whale, there is still much to be done on the part of Elwyn Tinklenberg in courting progressive voters in the 6th District. From my perspective, there are still many in our community that either feel spurned by this process or by Mr. Tinklenberg himself. Are these feelings justified? Perhaps or perhaps not, but at this point there have to be actions taken by both sides to mend these divisions.

For those feeling spurned I would suggest to you that there is absolutely no way for Mr. Tinklenberg to win without your activism. Whether that activism means footwork or money, he is going to need your support. By taking that first step, you can show that you met half way.

For Mr. Tinklenberg, it will take more than mere words to bridge the divide. Those progressive activists need to be truly reached out to and genuinely courted. You are right that it will take our combined efforts to defeat Michele Bachmann and even with those combined efforts we have a tough road to hoe.

I am certainly no expert in this divide as I am not from the area nor have I been involved in local politics long enough to truly feel the effects of such a divide. However, as one who has heard from both sides of this situation, I can tell you that there is far more we share in common than we disagree upon. I hope to see everyone at Bunker Hills and you people better behave because TwoPutt Tommy is bringing his sticks! All right, I will step down off my soapbox now...


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  1. Anonymous On April 16, 2008 at 1:45 PM

    "Most of you have heard me say that in the past, we have allowed ourselves to be distracted by ugliness and divisiveness within our own party. I always end this statement by saying, “But not this time”. For my part, I will continue to uphold that vow."

    What in the hell is he talking about? I and others have been at Elwyn parties where Olson was trashed by tinks guys. Is he talking about you and blue or him and Patty. Because if you look at his actions (not just his words)the last election he may be talking about himself. He gave Oberstar what was left of his campaign money (like Oberstar needed it) and snubed his own district. As always it's hard to know what he is actually talking about.

    You and Blue man have raised some interesting questions about tink, all of which need answers and are legit. He he pro or anti this and that.

    As I see tinks message it seems to go something like this:

    I agree with Bachmann on most social issues but I'm not as committed. I agree with her on the need for more roads, but also think we need billions for passenger trains.

    We strongly disagree with her on light bulbs.

    Campaigns are too mean and I'm offended.

    Yep, That should unite the party.

    Once again we have to continue to move to the right. Because it's more important to vote for a Democrat than have being a Democrat mean anything.

    Don't get me wrong. Olson can't win either. He may be the worst candidate ever. Most State House races will raise more money than Olson did. At least he was a democrat.