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Speaking at his press conference on Friday, Representative Marty Seifert likened himself to Luke Skywalker of Star Wars. Now I am certainly not an expert of the movie but if he is Luke Skywalker it appears he needs to be checked for early onset Alzheimer's.

Does Seifert truly believe that he is locked in a battle between good and evil and if so, has he been putting the moves on a woman who he later found to be his sister? Where does Steve Gottwalt fit into the picture? Is he Chewbacca or perhaps C3PO? Would anyone be terribly offended if we made Mark Olson Jar Jar Binks?

More importantly, who is yoda in the minority party? I'm taking suggestions...

Legal questions arise such as how Mr. Seifert paid for his light saber and whether or not he has been funneling money from state coffers to make repairs on the millenium falcon.

Perhaps someone else can explain this one because I am at a loss for words when the leader of a political party whose claim is that the other side isn't bipartisan enough but in the same breath refers to them as some sort of evil empire. The only thing I have to respond with is sarcasm and mockery of such a foolish statement.

So many questions, so few answers...