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The long strange trip the Olson Campaign has been on into the world of fantasy headed down another road in which Bob Olson believes himself to be the delegate front runner. While it shouldn't surprise that the man who believes he won the debate in Anoka would also believe that he is leading in the delegates he has supposedly talked to, it still leaves one astonished. It leaves one astonished that his inability to interpret the reality of events and situations would bring him a delegate count over 50%. It is astonishing that those around him apparently have bought into this fantasy and it is MOST astonishing that he has become so obsessed with this race that one wonders when the campaign will begin using the novel Moby Dick as its guide.

Dear CD6 Delegates,

As you already know, I personally have been calling each of you. Of the 139 delegates to our convention I have been fortunate to speak with 97 of you so far. I have learned of your concerns. I have learned what issues are important to you. I have received a lot of good advice. And I have answered a lot of questions.

Recently a few delegates have told me that our “opponent’s staff” have told them that their candidate is far in the lead. One said that the count was 118 confirmed delegates for Tinklenberg and just 21 for Olson. One delegate named a staff member who had told him a few weeks ago that “Olson has dropped out of the race.”

I believe that a member of Congress should feel compelled to speak out when they see things being misrepresented. It was their failure to do so during the lead up to the Iraq war that has brought us to where we are today.

When I have spoken with you I have asked each of you who are you are supporting. My impression is that those of you who are supporting Elwyn have been comfortable telling me that.

With 97 of 139 contacted, here are the results:

Olson 51%

Tinklenberg 32%

Undecided 17%

Please make your own interpretation of the numbers.

I cannot guarantee that you will make me your endorsed candidate at Bunker Hills on the 26th. But I will guarantee that if you do, we will use honesty and integrity to defeat Mrs. Bachmann in November, that I will have the backbone to represent all of your values in Washington, and that together we can change the world.

Thanks to all of you for 97, and counting, great conversations.

See you on the 26th,

Bob Olson

While I am all for speaking out about the debacle that has been this Administration and Iraq, to connect that to interpretations of delegate math is reaching far beyond the bounds of reality. Unfortunately, what could have made for a great choice in candidate has turned into an embarrassing example of tilting at windmills. It is time, Mr. Quixote, to come back from your fantasy and join us here in the world of reality.


3 responses to "Mr. Olson, Reality Called And Would Like You To Come Home"

  1. TwoPutt On April 15, 2008 at 8:57 AM

    Between Olson and Tink, I'm not sure which is worse at counting delegates....

    "OK, this is my third post on the race to take out Bachmann - and I got a feeling there's gonna be more. Why, you might ask? Call it a "Good Faith Guess".

    Those of you that read my previous post on this race, saw how I scored the delegate count. So, imagine my surprise, when I saw a Press Release from Team Tinklenberg entitled "Tinklenberg takes big lead in early rounds of delegate selection", claiming, and I quote: "In three of the largest conventions held Saturday (senate districts 52, 53 and 56 which include parts of Anoka, Washington and Ramsey counties) Tinklenberg came away with nearly 60% of the delegates chosen. "


    I'm bringin' my sticks to Bunker Hills.....

  2. Anonymous On April 15, 2008 at 9:25 AM

    Even if Bob's count of the delegates he reached is correct, he needs to worry about the 42 he didn't talk to.

    He left a message for each delegate he didn't reach to call him. I'm pretty assertive, and it was tough to get myself to call back since I am supporting El. I hate to give anyone bad news.

    Delegates at this level are very likely to call back a congressional candidate they support or are undecided about to get the inside info - it's kind of an ego trip to talk directly with a high level candidate.

    If 30% of the delegates won't return his calls, he's in trouble.

  3. AC On April 16, 2008 at 6:58 PM

    I'm a delegate and didn't call back. He kept calling. I think I had 3 messages before I happened to be home when he called. I told him I'm pledged to El. So I guess I'm one of the non-Olson delegates in his count.