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With the 6th District DFL Convention fast approaching, Bob Olson is making one last ditch effort to convince delegates to support his candidacy. Unfortunately, it is too little too late and with a message that is much of the same you have to realize that this same old message didn't work before and has little hope of changing minds now.

In fact, I would posit that those who are left around you are in it less to see you win than they are to pick up a temporary paycheck. This is precisely the message I got at the Senate District 15 Convention when speaking with one of your staffers. After telling this staffer that Olson should have dropped out after the Anoka debate, the staffer indicated that he hoped he wouldn't drop out. Why, you might ask? The reason for the statement was because this staffer wants to continue to be employed.

I had no intention of bringing this unflattering fact up but it seems increasingly obvious that Olson is willing to take the entire ship down with him in the hopes it might get him the nomination. What he doesn't realize is that even those who now surround him are in it for the money and not to get who theyy believe is the right candidate elected.

The Olson email:

The following is a copy of a letter recently mailed from Bob Olson to the roughly 150 delegates to the CD-6 DFL Convention on April 26th. We thought you might like to see what he had to say.

Dear Delegate,
Congratulations on your election to the 6th Congressional District Convention on the 26th. This is an exciting time because we’re pulling together for a common purpose, to retire Michele Bachmann. The district needs it. The country needs it.

Looking to the convention, you want to know what defines me and what defines my opponent. That’s critical. You’re set on choosing the one who represents your concerns.

Despite what you may have been told, giving up core Democratic values does not make us more electable. If we trade away our values in search of victory, we act in fear. And we end up with neither values nor victory.

My name is Bob Olson, a tax attorney, community bank owner and the founder of the American Sustainable Energy Council. I’m ready to make the difference you’re hungry for, to be your representative in Congress.

Why me?

I have experience helping people pay for college, pay for their homes, and secure their futures. I know how to change the tax law to save middle class families being drowned by trickle down economics. I am the only candidate that has a plan to get us out of this mortgage crisis and fix this economy.
By eliminating our dependence on foreign oil, by leveraging sustainable energy technologies, we can create jobs, boost the economy, preserve our national security and save the environment.

We need a sizable infusion of loan guarantee funds for sustainable energy – like the REA in the 1930s and 40s – and tax incentives that benefit middle and working class people.

By making the right decisions now, we can end our dependence on oil, gas and coal in 15-to-20 years. We can move faster to a sustainable economy than we moved from the horse and buggy to the automobile a hundred years ago.

But only if we stand on our progressive values.

I’ve never wavered on these issues. I have been against this war in Iraq since day one – the best way to support our troops is to bring them home. I am pro-choice no matter who I am talking to. We do not have to compromise to elect a Democrat in Minnesota’s 6th District. Amy Klobuchar proved that.

Progressive means healthcare for all. It means giving everyone choices. It means giving the middle class a break from what benefits only the rich. It means human rights for all Americans.

That’s where I stand. Stand with me on April 26th and we can turn this country around.

Bob Olson

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2 responses to "Sorry, Bob, Nobody Cares Anymore..."

  1. Anonymous On April 22, 2008 at 8:22 PM

    Jeeze Muse, A little bitter are we?

    You’re wrong about the issues. Bobs ideas are the ones we should be talking about. The problem is that Bob is a poor candidate. Elwyn’s a fair candidate with almost no message. But some how I doubt the average Joe is going to vote for a guy with a name like Elwyn without a good reason to. We’ll see, but he better raise a hell of a lot more than he did the last 2 qtrs.

    Everything ties into energy, the economy, Iraq. Jobs, Health care, the environment. It may not be sexy enough. But it’s the most crucial thing we can do in the next generation. Bob’s way out in front on this.

    If only he could give a speech, make a good donor phone call and forget about attacking.

    It will all be settled this weekend. No sense in piling on.

  2. Blue man On April 23, 2008 at 6:46 AM

    Pile on Muse! I get it! BTW, the mailman will be arriving soon...