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Collin Peterson was on the floor of the House of Representatives last week to once again seek an extension to the Farm Bill so that he and the rest of the conference committee can work out the final details of the legislation. Over at Minnesota Monitor there is an interesting story about some harsh words spoken by Mr. Peterson about the Farm Bill and its extension.

While some Democrats dismiss Peterson as little more than a conservative in Democrat clothing, I would argue that he represents exactly what the Democratic Party should represent. A diversity of opinion with ostensibly common goals for the future of this country. He is the perfect fit for his district and does amazing work for those constituents. I recall the floods in the Red River Valley in 1997 as Governor Arne Carlson was consumed by fishing rights on Lake Mille Lacs, Collin Peterson was springing to action to help the people affected by the disaster.

The farm bill maintains and strengthens the safety net that helps farmers and ranchers stay productive and competitive. It also includes important new investments including $9.5 billion for nutrition programs that are even more important today as food prices continue to climb. It contains $4 billion for conservation programs that will help protect our land, even as crop reduction soars; $1.2 billion for renewable energy programs that will help us address the rising cost of gasoline and help us get independent of foreign oil; and $1.3 billion for new initiatives and programs to support fruit and vegetable producers, including new programs to help socially disadvantaged and beginning farmers and ranchers.

All these important investments will be lost if we don't have time to finish this conference. This short extension will allow us to finish our work and bring back to the House a conference report that meets the needs of all of American agriculture and the consumers.

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