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We are all aware of the no new earmarks pledge taken by 6th District Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann. Since taking that pledge she was almost backed into a corner with the closing of the DeSoto Bridge in St. Cloud but was helped by Democrats in the state legislature appropriating more money for transportation needs.

Her new manner of finding money for her district without actually calling that money an earmark is to send out "grant applications" to local units of government. Prendergast over at Dump Bachmann does an excellent job of revealing this new found love of grant money over earmarks and exposing the inherent hypocrisy in such a position.

Due to this new found love of grant money, I am posing a new challenge to readers throughout the 6th District. Come up with ideas, ANY IDEAS, for grant money that you or your community need. Those needs can be as serious as a new bridge or library or as foolish as your imagination warrants. The purpose here is twofold: to see just how much grant money Michele Bachmann can obtain and to give her minions some work to do.

Here are the rules:

  1. Use the following criteria from her to write your grant (the better it sounds the better your chances).
  2. The grant must be created electronically in order to submit it to Congresswoman Bachmann. This seems strange given that she only sent out a paper copy to local units of government.
  3. Send a copy of your grant to jessica.taylor@mail.house.gov and a copy to me at political_muse(at)hotmail.com

If you are uncomfortable creating a grant of your own but have ideas for Bachmann's grant money, you can email me with your ideas and I will have someone on "staff" fill out an application and send it in for you. Let's make this happen people and watch the grant money roll in!

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  1. Gary Gross On May 2, 2008 at 10:16 AM

    Actually, Michele has applied for & received federal earmarks before. I just posted about that last night.

    Part of that post explains what turned Michele's stomach. Part of the post explains how Michele is working on a bipartisan basis to clean up the bipartisan corruption cesspool to where earmarks are rewarded on the basis of merit & priority rather than on 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.'

    BTW, does anyone in their right mind think that former lobbyist El Tinklenberg would go to the lobbyist capital of the world & clean out that corruption cesspool?