In the fourth piece of our continuing series to examine the Heartland Institute's continued denial of anthroprogenic global warming, we find James Taylor using evidence of climate change to disprove climate change. It is yet another example of Taylor picking one piece of evidence that is even in the slightest way contrary while at the same time ignoring the mountains of evidence provided by a magazine he himself deems "sound science".

While I am not entirely sure how you use evidence that something IS happening to prove that it ISN'T happening but here we go:

Let us for a moment examine a couple of key sentences:

"Sound science has proved that global warming is not causing any such recession of Himalayan glaciers."

Really? Mr. Taylor used an article from National Geographic in order to prove his point so I went to National Geographic given that he has termed this magazine "sound science". What you find is that either National Geographic has been taken over by a bunch of liberals or Mr. Taylor has cherry picked an article that suits his argument. First, the magazine put out a Global Warming Fast Facts piece last year that essentially supports the notion held by the IPCC and all but ignores the evidence provided by the Heartland Institute.

As to the claim made by Taylor regarding the Himalayas, a search of the same magazine he uses yields articles that show climate change affecting glaciers in many parts of the Himalyas.
The other sentence in question:

"National Geographic Magazine reported on September 11, 2006, in an article ironically enough entitled Some Glaciers growing due to Climate Change"

Mr. Taylor, are you really trying to tell us that an article discussing the "regionally varying effects" of climate change proves that anthroprogenic climate change isn't real?

This is now the second instance where Taylor tries to use evidence from scientists who believe in anthroprogenic climate change to disprove anthroprogenic climate change. Someone should really tell Mr. Taylor if there is so much "sound science" refuting climate change, then he should probably stop using evidence from scientists who believe in that climate change.

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