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Inspired by several factors, I have decided to add a new feature to Liberal in the Land of Conservative called MNMuseTube (A hat tip to Blue Man for the title idea). The purpose of this new feature will be to highlight and share with readers the work that Minnesota's Democratic delegation is doing in Congress.

From this point forward, whenever a Minnesota speaks in Congress, you will be able to find that video here and on MNMuseTube. Currently, you will find the most recent appearance of our Minnesota Democrats:
In addition, I have added subscriptions to those Democratic candidates currently utilizing youtube to spread their message. If you know of a candidate that I may be missing, then send me an email so that we can add them to the list. I will continue to utilize my LitloC page for a variety of other video but I hope that MNMuseTube will become a beneficial resource for those people trying to find our Minnesota Democrats in Congress.