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This past week on the floor of the House of Representatives, Keith Ellison spoke about our continued policy of ignoring those countries we deem as unworthy. It boggles the mind that we would pick and choose even amongst the "evil" nations of the world whom we will engage in dialogue. While some will take this speech as appeasement of the enemy, I would challenge them to show me a situation in which ignoring the problem has subsequently solved the problem.

Ellison makes a good point:

Dialogue is a tool that can help us stabilize the world, bring peace to millions and millions of people all over the world. Dialogues should not be used as some sort of a gift. It doesn't make sense for any nation to say capitulate to our demands, and then we will talk to you. The very purpose of negotiation is to say, let's talk, and the first agenda item could be serious problems we have with one another.

But the start is talking, unconditional talking, talking with a clear agenda in mind, talking with no illusions about differences. But talking, nonetheless, is something that I think we need, and we need it now.

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