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Let me be perfectly clear, I am neither a scientist nor am I even an arm chair expert on issues of climate change and global warming. That being said, someone in the global warming denier organization really ought to be sitting people down to come up with a coherent message because from my perspective, YOU DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Now, before you jump down my throat as some sort of Al Gore loving sycophant, I would like to remind you that this is quite possibly my first post on the subject of global warming and that I am far from being a hard core environmentalist (which will probably get some of my eco-liberal friends ticked off at me).

On the one hand, you try to make the claim that there is no global warming. Yet, in the same breath you are quick to claim that if there is it is certainly not due to human activity.

Can you really have it both ways? It doesn't seem logically possible to both deny something and claim that the thing you are denying is being caused by other things. Even more mind boggling than that, is how you can actually create evidence to support the idea that global warming is a natural occurring phenomenon while at the same time claiming you don't believe the Earth is warming in the first place. It seems to me, that if you are finding and presenting evidence that global warming is NOT a phenomenon caused by humans, then you have already accepted the premise that global warming exists and is occurring.

Never is this strange conflict more apparent than on days such as today. Outside, in April, you will find a snowstorm raging across the landscape as if it were the middle of winter rather than the beginning of spring. All across the global warming skeptic world, you find the "told you so" crowd using this event to claim that this obviously proves there is no global warming. Yet, this same crowd will then debate global warming by making claims that it is not caused by humans. Before this crowd can come to the table for the debate, their first task really ought to be to make a decision on whether there is or is not global warming.

What got me pondering this message was a post by Larry Schumacher a couple weeks ago in which he publicizes an upcoming forum to be held by Mark Olson and his friend Betsy Wergin in Senate District 16.

Sen. Betsy Wergin, R-Princeton, and Rep. Mark Olson, R-Big Lake, are hosting a climate change forum next month featuring the viewpoints of a free market non-profit that argues that there is no global warming trend and that, if there is, it isn't caused by humans.

So, Mark, Betsy, and some guy from the Heartland Institute are going to sit you down and tell you that global warming isn't real but just in case it is they are also going to tell you all the reasons it cannot possibly be caused by human activity. I see, makes perfect sense! Given the complete destruction of logic that it will take in order to make that argument, it may be time to break out the camera and go youtubing. If you too, would like to go youtubing, send me an email and we can coordinate a fun and exciting experience where we learn to both deny global warming and effectively deny the human activity aspect of global warming which we didn't believe was happening in the first place. Got that? April 17th, 2008, at Elk River High School (7pm).

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