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It isn't very often that I venture into the world of Presidential politics but then again, it isn't very often that a Presidential candidate speaks in the city of your birth and even less often that that candidate is a Democrat.

I have always thought of North Dakota as a different political animal. These are a people who hold their political views close to their chest and their money even closer. While they consistently vote Republican for President, they have also provided Congress with an entirely Democratic delegation.

The lesson for North Dakota is that they are willing to vote for a Democrat, but that Democrat must stop ignoring the state and participate in the retail politics that it will take to get North Dakotans to vote for a Democratic President. Let us hope that this appearance heralds a new era in Democratic politics where we stop ignoring states such as North Dakota.

My Aunt Muse was excited to attend this event as she comes from a long line of believers in the Democratic Party. After viewing this video, I am sure she was not disappointed.


2 responses to "Barack Obama In Grand Forks, North Dakota"

  1. Sara On April 5, 2008 at 7:36 PM

    I love how well-behaved and calm these audience members are. Obama is not used to such stoic folk. Uff da. Maybe he didn't know...this is what excited looks like in ND.

    Mom was stoked. She loves Barack. She likes Hillary.

    The people of ND don't forget anything. They'll remember that she stopped. Hopefully, they'll vote like they remember.

  2. Ann c On April 6, 2008 at 8:00 PM

    I think you are right, that ND is winnable if it gets attention. Visits to Grand Forks, Bismark, and Fargo would make an impact on ND Democrats and Independents.

    I well remember a favorite Uncle (from Valley City) calling me after every election to bemoan the presidential choice but to celebrate the Senatorial wins.