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Mark Olson, disgraced representative from House District 16B, recently sponsored a bill which would fund a study at the University of Minnesota on the effectiveness of "Alternative Medicine".

Without prior knowledge of Mr. Olson, one might look at such a study and find merit. Unfortunately, having knowledge of Mr. Olson should lead people to wonder what he means by the phrase "Alternative Medicine".

From the Bill:

1.7(a) The commissioner of health in cooperation with the University of Minnesota
1.8medical research shall conduct a study of the effectiveness of alternative medicine
1.9approaches to the treatment of diseases and chronic conditions, including, but not limited
1.10to, the following:

This is the man who claimed that drinking the appropriate amount of water protects one from the onset of cancer. Interestingly, in the list of conditions to be studied are "cancers". While the bill makes no mention of water as an alternative medicine, one has to wonder what these supposed researchers will be directed to study by Team Olson. Given that a recent study disputes the claim that water has the power Olson ascribes to it, perhaps this portion of the study will be a forgone conclusion.

More questions arise with the appearance of Type 2 Diabetes on the list of conditions to be studied. Olson has previously made the claim that the Diabetes Association is keeping under wraps a cure for the disease. Has Olson realized that no such cure exists? What possible study needs to be done if a cure does exist?

Here is a man who has constantly railed against the medical community and medicine in general wanting to give that community money in order to research further ways to medicate. It is a particularly suspicious bill hidden behind inconspicuous language. Of the bills other authors, Blue Man will be happy to know that his good friend Tom Emmer is among them.

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