The Sherburne Citizen has an article about the Senate District 16 Convention and the endorsements of Steve Andrews for District 16B and Gail Kulick Jackson for District 16A. I have previously covered the endorsement here and my thoughts on Mr. Andrews here.

While I have yet to cover Gail Kulick Jackson, I did have the chance to speak with her when I was at the Steve Andrews House Party and found her to be both friendly and knowledgeable. Perhaps this time around she will be able to unseat one of the most anti-education former educators this state has ever seen.

The Kulick Jackson money quote:

During her turn at the podium, Jackson struck a John Travolta-like disco pose and told the convention that she had "a few moves of my own" that the Republicans had not seen yet. She said that the process of running for office has been "like climbing a mountain, and now I can see the top." She also told the delegates how events in her life had shaped her awareness of the need for "fairness and opportunity" to be available to all residents of Minnesota. A graduate of Hamline University and the U of M Law School, Jackson lives in Paige Township with her husband and son.

Andrews is precisely the moderate voice in the legislature that District 16B needs in order to gain any sense of relevance again. With Olson or Kiffmeyer, the district gets more of the same fringe leadership. Let us hope that the district finally recognizes this and chooses common sense.

The Andrews money quote:

Andrews told the delegates that Minnesotans are "tired of the partisan food fight" that has been going on in state government, and the process is in need of repair. "It's not working," he said, "and we all know it." A first-time candidate, Andrews lives in Big Lake Township with his wife Mary and their two sons. He is a vice-president of technology for a financial corporation, and operates a retail food distribution company along with his wife.