A few days ago I wondered aloud whether the virulent anti-Krueger crowd would connect the dots and also punish Mary Kiffmeyer who swept in to take the Olson seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives and then installed a crony to take the Minnesota Senate seat.

Olson supporters are mobilizing against Alison Krueger with an aggressive write-in campaign. Yet, in his old House District, the Kiffmeyer Campaign has not drawn the same ire from the Olson people. Shouldn't Olson and his minions go to the root of their problems which is Mary Kiffmeyer who pushed them out of the district and forced him into this new fight for the Senate?

Today that question appears to have been answered as a blogger from the district is spreading the word to not only write in Olson for the Senate seat but also for the House seat.

I am endorsing and supporting Mark Olson to be my write in candidate for both the 16 CD Senate Candidate but also for the 16b House of Rep. Candidate.

I will let Mark choose which position he wants!

I am suggesting that members of my district to do the same!

I refuse to have this Senate Victory Fund choose my representation in my own Backyard!

Mary Kiffmeyer and Alison Kreuger, you both should be ashamed of yourselves for selling out!

You are selling out me and your fellow Republicans!

The question remains, how much influence does this particular blogger have within the district and can he muster enough write in votes to take down both Krueger and Kiffmeyer? If he is able to muster a dual write in campaign, how much could that help my good friend, Steve Andrews, as he tries to become the DFL Representative from District 16B?


1 Response to "Right Wing Blog Urging People To PUNISH Krueger AND Kiffmeyer"

  1. eric zaetsch On November 2, 2008 at 11:53 AM

    I think those really feeling Olson was abused and treated poorly should write Olson in for every ballot spot. For President. For US Senate. For the Sixth District Congressional seat. For State Senate. For the State House District. For the Soil and Water Board. Every spot.

    That will show them!