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I have long suspected that Jeff Rosenberg is a super secret communist hell bent on destroying this country through his liberal brainwash machine, Twin Cities Daily Liberal. Even his name screams commie pinko! I have not been able to prove such claims and have been forced to remain silent. Now, though, there is definitive proof from the Domestic Spying Center.

So, I recently developed a full on addiction to the site StumbleUpon and have wasted countless hours hitting a simple button and arriving at a random site. Check out the many random useless sites I have discovered...

With that useless information being said, it is time for another recount free romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

Andy Aplikowski has an interesting little rant about bailouts and government over at Residual Forces. Unfortunately, there is no subsequent solution to go along with the analysis that everyone else is an idiot. If you are up for more meaningless (oops, meaningful) analysis, Andy wants to resurrect Reagan and have him be king of America.

Over at True North there is a strong rebuke to the increasing call to move toward instant runoff voting. The crux of the message: Republicans will never win another election in the state and I will not stand for it! Actually, I am only lukewarm to the idea of instant runoff and don't buy the argument that there are spoilers.

The War on Christians continues over at Shot in the Dark. Everybody loves a good persecution complex but this is getting ridiculous...

Barack Obama is a foreigner and therefore ineligible for the presidency according to Lake Minnetonka Liberty. Obviously the truth given the reliable research materials used in this fantastic post. If The Admiral doesn't win a pulitzer for this hard hitting expose I will be surprised and ultimately blame the loss on those bastards in the liberal media. Please note the sargasm...

Even better than that dramatic post is the one over at Grizzly Groundswell by Mark Olson write in warrior, Chad Everson. We have officially descended into ANARCHY, people! Why? Well, as far as I can determine it is due to our close US Senate race, RAMPANT voter fraud, and having a member of the DFL as Secretary of State. I was always under the impression that emo was a trait of the young but I stand corrected.

There is a fantastic map of the social media world over at Eyeteeth. If you happen to be a member of more than half of those particular networks, then you really need to get some help.

Super secret commie, Jeff Rosenberg, is trying to grow government again over at Twin Cities Daily Liberal. Wait, you mean he is suggesting cuts? Why does he hate America SO MUCH? As evidence you can witness HERE where he attacks everyone's favorite Governor, Sarah Palin.

In more serious news, Rosenberg is doing an awesome job keeping up to date on the developments in Mumbai where it looks as though terrorists have struck. Keep up the great work, Jeff!