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Now, I'm not saying that this particular image applies to any certain member of the righty blogosphere who insists on titling every post with CAPS LOCK in a desperate attempt to become the next Drudge or possibly even the next irrelevant member of Minnesota Republican leadership. I'm just saying...

Once again, here is your senate recount free romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

Eyeteeth has an interesting post up about someone using legos to patch walls in Italy and Israel. You gotta love legos...

Let's get this straight, a recession begins months before George W. Bush takes office and it is obviously the fault of Bill Clinton. However, a recession also begins months before Barack Obama takes office and it is obviously the fault of Barack Obama. Hooray for shifting Republican memes! Check out Twin Cities Daily Liberal for more information.

Super crazy conservative, Alan Keyes is still stuck on the Obama birth certificate. Still a little bitter from the beat down he received in his own race against Obama? MinneAfrica quickly dispenses with another Keyes beat down.

Locust of Evil has a WTF moment over Sarah Palin. I have to ask though, isn't every Sarah Palin moment a WTF moment?

Minnesota Independent has the words of a Bush appointee who smacks down the meme put forward by Michele Bachmann that the Community Reinvestment Act is the cause of the subprime mortgage mess. Obviously, he is one of those anti-Americans!

I Heart Coleman Blog pimped an article over at Minnpost about Tim Walz. Fortunately, Bluestem Prairie provides some much needed perspective on the article and its author.

There is more about the theocracy advocating Minnesota Majority over at mnblue. Keep up the great work!