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Beginning today, I am going to provide what I am dubbing the "daily romp" through the Minnesota blogosphere. There is much to herald here in Minnesota political writing but also much to malign and mock.

So, I present to you the best and worst of the Minnesota blogosphere in the last 24 hours:

In the best faux outrage of the day, "The Admiral" over at Lake Minnetonka Liberty is appalled that a McCain supporter was ridiculed by classmates for her candidate choice. This from the guy who begged someone to "do a sirhan sirhan" on Barack Obama.

As usual, Michael Brodkorb over at Minnesota Democrats Exposed (Which will soon be renamed the I HEART Norm Coleman blog) is obsessing about Mark Ritchie to the point that he is willing to offer him advice. Does anybody wonder if Brodkorb has a secret shrine to Ritchie in his basement?

Across the Great Divide has a screenshot from an Arab newspaper describing the Bush years as "the end of an error". Rather than asking if this is a typo, he should be wondering why the liberal Arab media is in the tank for Obama. The answer: super secret Muslim!

That damn Jeff Rosenberg at Twin Cities Daily Liberal wants to keep Joe Lieberman in the caucus and even in his committee chairmanship rather than string him up by his toes then waterboard him like the rest of the liberal netroots. What is wrong with him? The answer: Obviously a conservative spy and probably Michael Brodkorb in disguise!

A new blog, MinneAfrica, wants you to come and have super awesome fun with AIDS at St. Cloud State University. Let's just hope there are no parting gifts...

Joe Bodell over at Minnesota Campaign Report is curious about why we even have a Republican Party in Minnesota. Does it seem strange to anyone that DFLers are depressed because they ONLY picked up two votes in the Minnesota House of Representatives?

The shocker of the day, Minnesota Majority (a tool of former Secretary of State turned Mark Olson slayer, Mary Kiffmeyer) is upset about election secrurity.

They are still harping on EFCA over at True North while also stirring the fear about the re-emergence of the Fairness Doctrine (despite ZERO bills being introduced in the past two years to reinstate the doctrine). Be AFRAID, people! Be very very AFRAID...

Over at Fraters Libertas you will find a lot of whining about how there are no good conservative places to move now that Barack Obama will be President. You would think that would give them a clue about their ideology, but probably not.

And the good folks over at Grizzly Groundswell (the ones who thought it would be a great idea to write in Mark Olson for both the Senate 16 seat AND the House 16B seat) have discovered the silver bullet. The last bit of evidence that debunks anthropogenic climate change. You have to love denial! It is a powerful tool...