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With election day fast approaching, it is time to make some predictions. You do not have to live in the district to participate...

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  1. Aubrey Immelman On November 2, 2008 at 11:23 AM

    Michele Bachmann will bring out her base, which could be as high as 42 percent.

    As a result of the "Harball" flap, Tinklenberg collected nearly $2 million on the Internet. As Bachmann's Republican challenger, I raised more than a thousand dollars, which is not enough to help me peel off significant Republican support from Bachmann.

    Unfortunately, liberal "netroots" activists put messages such as the one below out on the Net:

    Jesus St. Jesus
    Comment posted October 19, 2008 @ 7:37 pm
    DO NOT send money to Aubrey Immelman. He is like an ambulance chaser and just trying to sucker some cash out of desperate Republicans. Send it where it will make a true difference: Democrat El Tinklenberg.

    Thus, in the past two weeks, I've had to pump another $2,500 of my own money into my campaign, on top of the $5,000 in personal funds raised by taking out a mortgage on my home in an effort to unseat Bachmann.

    The ceiling for a Democrat in the 6th District is the 46 percent Patty Wetterling got against Rep. Mark Kennedy in 2004, but that's without an Independence Party candidate on the ballot.

    With an Independence Party candidate on the ballot this year, Tinklenberg will struggle to surpass the 42 percent Wetterling got against Bachmann in 2006 with Independence Party candidate John Binkowski on the ballot.

    I've done the best I can with my limited resources to win over Republican voters by buying advertising space in 25 Sixth District newspapers with a combined circulation of 150,000 (250,000 when repeat ad placements in the St. Cloud Times -- including today's paper -- are factored in).

    I'm expecting no more than 1 percent of the vote but I'm running as hard as I can to come in a strong third with the support of moderate Republicans and independents.

    Aubrey Immelman