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As we move forward into actual governance, this blog will also shift to more analysis of decisions made by local leaders and less politicking. While I enjoy the campaign and the snark that it invariably deserves, I also enjoy the issue analysis of decisions made once the campaign is done.

This blog will continue to focus on the wacky adventures of 6th District Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann as well as continue providing video of our Democratic delegation through MNMusetube. We will be examining the upcoming state legislative session with special focus on my local legislators and on newly elected legislators from Senate District 16 (Again, THANK YOU Mark Olson!).

However, I am also hoping to expand into the world of podcasting. Along with podcasting, I am hoping to continue adding voices to this blog as my ultimate goal is to have members from every congressional district writing about their respective areas of Minnesota.

If you have ideas on how to improve this blog or have suggestions for different features, please email me or leave them in the comments section.