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Throughout this election season I have tried to cover significant events from twittering debates to various meetings and events held by candidates at all levels. However, I will not be covering election night live given that there are many many others doing it probably better than myself.

Right now I am trying to decide between the local DFL party here in town or the Tinklenberg party down in Ramsey. Any ideas which will be better?

After that I will have a wrap up of results on Wednesday with some thoughts. Once that is completed, I am going to take a week and a half OFF. While I enjoy blogging very much it is time for a break...

Perhaps the other contributors to this blog will add some pieces during that time but I have promised my wife (even though she doesn't believe me).


1 Response to "What To Expect On Election Night..."

  1. Blue man On November 4, 2008 at 6:24 AM

    Go to the Tink party!

    I'm headed to the Barkley gig in the cities!