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The urban dictionary has seven different definitions of the term "urban legend". Of those definitions there are two that Michele Bachmann may have been referring to on Hannity & Colmes this Tuesday when describing her past comments on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Def: A modern myth. A frightening untrue story in which the storyteller insists is true, but has no evidence to back up.

a legend that is hard to prove is true. or, it can be easy to prove it false.

However, this particular "urban legend" has video evidence that is irrefutably true:

Bachmann certainly was NOT talking specifically about vetting Barack Obama when she said that the media should "take a look at the views of the people in Congress". I would say that someone really needs to teach her about the first rule of holes but given the elecion results it appears as though Bachmann can say just about anything and garner a plurality of the vote.

I am hoping to have podcast up soon examining where we should go from here in the 6th district.

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