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This is your official Franken v. Coleman recount free daily romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

Given that we are now recount free, however, the daily romp is notably shorter than previous due to the fact that every blog in this state is absolutely obsessed with counting ballots and bickering about how the other side is a jerk.

Dave Mindeman at mnpACT is wondering if there is simply too much talent in the incoming Obama Administration. Unfortunately, he too is accepting the meme that no Democrat but Collin Peterson can keep the 7th district blue. Strangely enough, Andy Aplikowski at Residual Forces is assuming that no Republican can win the 7th district. It looks like the district will be without a representative if Peterson ever leaves.

Holly Cairns at mnblue has the first in a series of posts that are examining the organization known as Minnesota Majority. It is worth the read and I cannot wait for more...

Aaron Brown at MinnesotaBrown has another great read about the range and its relationship or strained relationship with the DFL. If you have not stopped by this blog, I would encourage you to do so as it is THE authority for all things range related.

Those bastard teachers are once again trying to turn all your kids into Marxists. Well, that is if you want to believe the super intelligent master race folks at Anti-Strib. I know my entire curriculum is based around the writings of Marx and Engels!

Minnesota Independent took a break from recountapalooza to examine the rise and fall of Tim Pawlenty and the really fun turkey slaughter new conference of Sarah Palin.

Oh, and apparently the War on Christmas has begun. DAMN IT, why didn't anyone tell me! I have been so looking forward to my yearly assault on all things Christmas.