A little over a week ago I introduced what I hope will be a regular feature here on Liberal in the Land of Conservative: an examination of the legislative priorities of various state representatives and senators in the area. Moving forward, my hope is that this will also be an examination of whether or not those priorities are being accomplished.

Since beginning this blog journey I have not spent much time discussing Larry Hosch in House District 14B despite having met him several times and being impressed with his commitment and his intelligence with each of those meetings. Hosch has risen quickly and this session will be serving in the role of Assistant Majority Leader. Yet another reason to be proud of a DFL that not only promotes the brightest but also people that may not be purely in line with the rest of the party. With the weeding out of the Republican Party, we in the DFL must welcome diversity of opinion be they conservative, independent, or liberal Democrats.

Larry returned my email about legislative priorities and it appears as though his focus will be primarily on health care.

I will be pushing for health care reforms, mental health reforms, and fixing Green Acres. I will of course be working on the budget and performing duties associated with my new role as Assistant Majority leader.

With a fix in health care, according to Hosch, we will be freed up to do other things on the wish list.

If we address health care costs, we will then be able to do a much better job funding education as we would have more budget flexibility. Right now, health care costs are consuming our budget, preventing us from addressing other very important issues.

This is but a brief snippet of the goals Hosch wanted to relay to me and I am hoping to have further discussions via podcast with him to allow him to provide further details.