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The recount virus continues to infect the Minnesota blogosphere. If you really need your fix, you can check out these fine publications:

Seriously, people, there has to be something better to talk about than worse and worser. So, for those of you that are interested in something other than the saga of the recount I present the daily romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

My fantastic representative is back in the news again claiming that her comments about the media doing an expose to find out whether members of Congress are Pr0-America are an urban legend. News Cut picked up the story but decided not to do the appropriate thing and call her a LIAR while someone with some common sense at Lake Minnetonka Liberty (check out the awesome photoshop) wonders why Bachmann doesn't just own her comments rather than spew obvious lies.

The folks at Grizzly Groundswell are claiming that Thanksgiving is an obvious rebuke of socialism. I don't have time to go into the many ways that this is stupid and inaccurate but does anyone find it amusing that a celebration of sharing the fruits of ones labor with others is now considered anti-socialist? Even better than this is the thesis put forward at True North claiming that the road forward for the Republican Party is to be more like Paul Wellstone!

Over at Let Freedom Ring, Gary Gross is having an anniversary and I am a bit outraged that he makes no mention of his St. Cloud nemesis.

In sad news, Eva Young's mother, Becky, has passed away. Centrisity has a nice tribute to her passing.