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The recount continues to dominate the Minnesota blogosphere. You can continue your recount obsession at Minnesota Independent, MNPublius, MinnPost, and of course the I Heart Coleman Blog.

Photo by John Cross (Mankato Free Press via AP)
The pressure appears to getting to both candidates as Norm Coleman has morphed into an elderly woman and Al Franken appears as though he has taken up farming as a fallback career and he just came in from the fields.

Here is your daily romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

In other recount news, Gary Gross of Let Freedom Ring is desperately trying to steal the election from Lisa Fobbe in Senate District 16. Why hasn't Alison Krueger spared the taxpayers the expense by conceding the race? Isn't that the Republican recount meme?
This morning, I joined Team Krueger in Little Falls for recounting the ballots cast in Morrison County. We started with a total of 1241 votes cast for Alison Krueger and Lisa Fobbe. When we finished recounting the precincts, 1 vote for Lisa Fobbe was subtracted due to an overvote and 1 vote was challenged because the oval was filled in for both Lisa Fobbe and Write-In.

The folks at True North are still predicting the end of the world as we know it with the phase out of indcandescent light bulbs (and people wonder how Michele Bachmann won). For those who are confused about how the Republican Party could lose so badly in the last to election cycles, you only need read this post to understand.
I think we should all do this, like a reverse Boston Tea Party. Just think if for the next four years Wal-Mart couldn't keep ILBs on the shelf, then in 2012 when the change happens, nobody buys the Mercury Laden Pigtails or MLPs for 10 years. This would send a strong signal to Washington, that in America the market can't be controlled by government and that we are still somewhat free.

A little R.E.M. to honor this issue of "utmost importance":

The pot is calling the kettle black over at Lake Minnetonka Liberty as "The Admiral" refers to Tom Daschle as "The Obstructionist". Remember folks, when Republicans break the filibuster obstruction record of a two year period in just one year it is their proper role but damned the Democrat who uses the filibuster to block even ONE Republican goal!

Apparently, a really awesome poll conclusively proves that all Democrats are stupid and the Mark Olson supporting drones over at Grizzly Groundswell are more than happy to use it as a club. The problem is that the poll isn't worth its weight in loaded questions. Check out Moderate Left for the other side of the story.

Jeff Rosenberg at Twin Cities Daily Liberal is wondering how much more mavericky Barack Obama can get before he destroys the space time continuum.

You can see the Daily Show take a shot at Minnesota over at MNPublius.

How do you think the Republican Party should look to the future? By promoting someone from the past to run the party, DUH! Wright County Republican is asking you to sign a petition...

My favorite Congressman, Tim Walz, is rising into the ranks of leadership over at Bluestem Prairie. Those clever liberals promoting a moderate again! Damn you, liberals and your big tent!

Finally, everyone loves a little piracy and now you can check out a handy dandy map from Peace Like A River.