Olson supporters are mobilizing against Alison Krueger with an aggressive write-in campaign. Yet, in his old House District, the Kiffmeyer Campaign has not drawn the same ire from the Olson people. Shouldn't Olson and his minions go to the root of their problems which is Mary Kiffmeyer who pushed them out of the district and forced him into this new fight for the Senate?

Kiffmeyer, on her website, slams Olson by referring to herself as the "trusted conservative" and stating that "integrity counts".

The only message to be gleaned here is that Kiffmeyer believes that Olson has no integrity (I cannot believe I agree with Mary Kiffmeyer on something!) and that he is not to be trusted.

For the Olson supporter there has to be a serious conflict of interest in voting for both him and Kiffmeyer who holds a very low opinion of Olson, is to blame for Olson losing his House District seat, and who put in place the woman that won the primary for the Senate District seat. Shouldn't you be actively trying to take down Kiffmeyer as well? Hopefully, someone in the Olson column will help explain this one to me...