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I know I should be obsessing about the election recount here in Minnesota but at this point I really couldn't care less about who wins this thing! Also, is there anyone else that thinks it doesn't speak well of Franken if he wins because more of his supporters were to ill-informed to fill out the ballot correctly?

So, here is the daily romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

If you need your daily dose of racism and intolerance, then you can head over to the reliably racist Anti-Strib. They never fail to out everyone but themselves as "savages". The righty blogosphere must be so proud! In a special double award, they are also declaring victory in Iraq. Maybe along with that declaration they will also provide a definition of victory...

Question: What happens when you move 60,000 tribal savages from a war torn shit hole and place them in the middle of a large Midwestern city in the United States?

Answer: They continue to kill each other just like they did at home.

Come on, that wasn't too hard to figure out was it?

At first I thought I was going to read something really insightful about the Minnesota Miracle from Small City Mayor but it turns out that he really doesn't understand what the Minnesota Miracle really accomplished and that it has been destroyed in recent years with the shift to property tax funding.

The "Minnesota Miracle" has a key problem in my opinion. First, and most important, the Minnesota Miracle changes the multipliers for the rural regional centers so that (as it currently stands) the disparity between a rural and metro schools create a distinct funding disadvantage for non-metro schools.

The media is evil and liberal meme lives on over at Shot in the Dark. At what point does this meme become a full blown persecution complex? Although, Minnesota Independent is wondering whether the media (ala the Star Tribune) is in the tank for Coleman. Poor media, they are going to have an identity crisis soon!

As one should beware of Greeks bearing gifts (unless it’s Michael Dukakis trying to look martial astride an M-1), conservatives should beware of the approval of the agenda media.

It was a short post, but Mercury Rising took the words out of my mouth about Arianna Huffington standing in for Rachel Maddow last night.

Recount fatigue is setting in over at Mississipifarian.

Over at MNPublius, there is evidence that Republicans are looking to horror movies for inspiration on how to scare the hell out of voters.

My favorite advocator of assassination, Lake Minnetonka Liberty, is now calling gay people intolerant. Everybody loves a little projection...

Gavin Sullivan is still replaying the Madia loss in the 3rd District. While I would say it's time to get over it, the post is a good read.

Going into the recent election, I believed DFLers' greatest chance for picking up a congressional seat would be in CD3. And I supported Ashwin Madia from well before the CD3 DFL Convention. Yet truth be told, our candidate faired rather poorly. If you supported Team BonoffTeam Hovland, perhaps you're thinking that the politically naive got their comeuppance.

Jeff Rosenberg at Twin Cities Daily Liberal is still battling for the common sense response to Joe Lieberman.

Finally, The Cucking Stool takes King Banaian to task. Don't you understand that he is an economist and therefore above reproach?


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  1. Jean-Luc Stieglitz On November 20, 2008 at 5:07 PM

    Don't you understand that he is an economist and therefore above reproach?

    Above reproach? Well, no - but certainly King is vastly more qualified than Steve "Spotty" Timmon on the subject.

    Or does sarcasm count as "evidence" in the leftysphere?