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In college I had a wonderful theatre professor who was a short curmudgeonly Japanese man. The final project for one particular class was to build a flat and on that flat demonstrate a variety of painting techniques. After the quarter had ended, a friend of mine and I happened upon this professor examining our final products. Excited to see how we had done, we asked what he thought. I will never forget his response as he slowly turned with glasses on the very tip of his nose and proclaimed in his usual gruff accented voice, "This is the highest level of mediocrity I have ever seen". It wasn't until I became a teacher myself that I truly understood what he meant and today brought that story back to mind. That is all I have to say about that.

That being said, here is your recount free romp through the Minnesota blogosphere:

If you need to understand why education is apparently failing in this country, look no further than the teachers and blame them ad nauseam. News Cut has your newest teachers suck meme.

Phil Krinkie is calling a train to Duluth a boondoggle but mnpACT is having nothing of it and laying some smack down on Krinkie. I am somewhat biased against Duluth after a not so pleasant visit some years ago and thus have officially blacklisted the city. Therefore, I might be inclined to go with Krinkie on this one!

Preserving Freedom has an interesting post up about the withdrawal of the Lakotah Nation from all previous treaties with the United States.

Grace Kelly at mnblue is pimping out the perfect personality test...

Over at Anti-Strib or bizarro world as I will heretofore be referring to it they are taking down that bastard Obama for daring to get ready to take over as the next President and simultaneously claiming that George W. Bush was, in fact, right about something. I wonder if the food is better in the world of fantasy or if they just really don't like all of the realism here in the world of reality.

Divine justice has struck and Cucking Stool has the link...

MNPublius & MinnPost both have Collin Peterson related posts up about the Secretary of Agriculture position. At least MNPublius isn't pimping the meme that this seat automatically goes Republican without Peterson.

Jeff Fecke at Blog of the Moderate Left has a wonderful piece about Barack Obama and expectations of him from the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. It's a must read...

In addition to this must read, Twin Cities Daily Liberal morning podcast is dealing with the appointments made thus far by Obama. If I can get my act together I will have a podcast up and running soon.

MinnesotaBrown (the must read site for all things range related) won an award. Great job!

Phoenix Woman at Mercury Rising is giving props to Ollie Ox over at one of my absolute favorite blogs, Bluestem Prairie. Ollie truly does represent the best that Minnesota has to offer in local reporting and blogging. I hereby second those props to the Ox!

Finally, Grizzly Groundswell is so angry at all those Republicans who have been dissing on Sarah Palin and they aren't going to take it lying down. I say fight on kids because Palin is the change you should be fighting for...


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