Unfortunately, I was unable to get to Michele Bachmann after the debate to ask her questions as she was quickly surrounded by reporters and then promptly left. However, my initial reaction to this debate is that there was no clear winner. Bachmann, for all of her ideological faults, is an adept debater and came out swinging hard. I will have the debate up on my youtube page soon and you can be the judge.

Additional Thoughts:
  • Throughout the entire debate you saw an utter disinterest on the part of Bachmann. She rarely looked up unless answering a question and appeared preoccupied with a document in front of her. Towards the end of the debate you will see her check her watch and become nervous about the fact that the event might run over the schedule.
  • Either Michele is one of the most disciplined and on message politicians we have ever seen or she truly knows only a few talking points and repeats them ad nauseam. Nothing she said during this debate deviated even one word from previous statements she has made. Also, the same old attack lines of "tax and spend liberal" and big government is evil were heard to describe Elwyn Tinklenberg who by any honest assessment is not a liberal.
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