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The last time I wrote about the polling being conducted in my birth state of North Dakota there was a strange phenomenon taking place with Barack Obama running in a statistical dead heat with John McCain. However, the addition of Sarah Palin had not been polled and as I expected, McCain surged ahead in the next few polls and it appeared that the strange blip was over. Within weeks Obama even pulled his campaign staff from the state and relocated them to other areas of the country.

New polling from Minnesota State University Moorhead looks as though the statistical dead heat has returned. Once again, I say that if McCain cannot hold onto a state like North Dakota that hasn't voted Democratic in over 40 years and that Bush won by over 30%, then he is in for an absolute beat down.

This image, from electoral-vote.com:
Both Dailykos and Talking Points Memo have begun noticing this blip and while it certainly could be nothing more than an anomoly it is an interesting phenomenon that has not been given much notice by the rest of the media.