Within hours of making her divisive comments about liberalism equating to anti-Americanism, local Minnesota bloggers Blue Man and Ollie Ox have been asking the next question: Do other Republicans in the state (notably, Brian Davis in the 1st District and Erik Paulsen in the 3rd District) share the views of the Representative of the 6th District?

While this question remains unanswered, it is clear that other Bachmann apologists are coming to her defense. Andy Aplikowski of Residual Forces has decided to wade into the waters and implicitly support the views of Bachmann:

Don’t fall into the meme that the media and Obama campaign are desperate to have you bite on. Barrack Obama and many fringe liberals do not like what America is all about. Most just passively whisper it, some exercise free speech and protest, but others like Ayers and Wright, cross a line.

According to Aplikowski, liberals are either whispering about, openly protesting about, or crossing a line into anti-Americanism. It is unclear on what research his claims are based but his defense of the Bachmann attacks are perfectly clear. Furthermore, he tries to turn the tide and attack DFL Chair, Brian Melendez, for making the connection between Bachmann and McCarthy.

While Aplikowski is now on record as supporting the vitriol of Michele Bachmann, we have yet to hear from prominent Republicans in Minnesota who have long supported the rise of Bachmann nor have we heard from the McCain Campaign.

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