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There was a pity party taking place in the St. Cloud Times today as an LTE asks voters (specifically, voters that disagree) to stop demanding contact with our representative in the 6th District and just accept that she will not be coming home.
Opponents seem to want Michele in the district constantly. Was she elected to go to Washington to represent the district or simply stay in the district?
No, sir, people don't want her in the district constantly but would like occasional contact with their elected representative. This does not have to be an either/or situation and as usual I direct you to take a look at Tim Walz in the 1st District. The fact remains that there have been no more than a handful of constituent contacts made by Michele Bachmann in her short tenure while Walz has held almost constant personal contact with constituents while holding down three times the committee assignments in Washington.

Opponents say she embarrasses them because she doesn't buy into the global warming. Have you heard or read that more than 32,000 scientists agree with her? Have you heard that global warming by humans cannot be proven, replicated scientifically?
Have you heard that those 32,000 "scientists" are really no more than 32,000 non-believers who have done exactly zero research in the field of climate science?

Opponents are upset about Michele affectionately kissing President Bush at a State of the Union address. Were they upset when Monica Lewinsky was under Clinton's desk? I think not!
Excuse me, WTF? I'm not even sure how to respond to the nonsense contained within this passage.

Opponents ridiculed Michele when she stated that drilling would drive down oil. If you uncover your eyes and ears you might notice oil prices going down. Speculation experts and economists familiar with the matter predicted that.
If you uncover your eyes and ears you might notice that the drop in oil prices had to do with the plummeting economy and not the imaginary "Drill, Baby, Drill" chants of Bachmann and Co.

Opponents ridiculed Michele for not supporting the bailout. Well, again I ask opponents to uncover their eyes and ears. The market is still going down and the underlying problems have not been corrected.

She, along with other Republicans and Democrats voted against the bailout because the adopted measure simply had not been thought through and contain real fixes to underlying problems. She, along with some Republicans and Democrats who opposed the measure, would vote for a good fix.

The problem is, sir, that Bachmann doesn't even understand what the underlying problems are and is more apt to blame poor people and the ever popular Bill Clinton for all of our ills rather than work together to find a solution.

Opponents have criticized her for her stance against earmarks. Earmarking has proved to be a corruptive practice, and opponents can't see that? Other legislators who agree surround Michele.

Opponents make ridiculous claims about Michele's voting record. Perhaps if opponents read the legislation along with poison pill amendments they just might just agree with her.

I have to wonder if this stuff is prepackaged from the Bachmann Campaign itself given the use of the EXACT same talking points used by them and this letter. Also, I would love to hear about some of these poison pill amendments that made Bachmann vote against everything from Children's Health Insurance to Mental Health Parity to the minimum wage.

In other news, the Tinklenberg Campaign has reported that they hauled in over $1 million dollars so far this cycle with over $400,000 this past quarter.

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