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Recently, I had two conversations with two entirely separate and unrelated people about the race between Rob Jacobs and Dan Severson. Both of these individuals (one of whom knows Severson personally) made the claim that Severson is not the brains of the operation and that his wife is the one who does most of the work.

I wonder if the people of House District 14A realize that an unelected "shadow representative" is making the decisions and that they have been voting for an empty vessel?


2 responses to "A Shadow Representative?"

  1. Gary Gross On October 4, 2008 at 12:21 AM

    I know Dan & Cathy Jo. It's true that Cathy Jo is his campaign manager. It's also true that she's a very smart lady.

    It isn't remotely close to accurate to say that she's "the brains of the operation."

    While we're on the subject of brains, I've witnessed firsthand how unqualified & intellectually uncurious Rob Jacobs is. As I noted here, Mr. Jacobs told the CMTA forum audience that he "isn't an expert on transportation so he won't pretend to be."

    As I noted here, Mr. Jacobs told the audience gathered for the St. Cloud Chamber's Health Care Forum that he "isn't an expert on health care" so he wouldn't pretend to be.

    After the CMTA meeting, I talked with one of the event organizers about Mr. Jacobs' statement. This organizer's reply was that "In the internet age, there's no reason why anyone can't be a self-taught expert on any subject."

    I don't think you REALLY want to compare the intellectual heft of Rep. Severson & Mr. Jacobs. It wouldn't be pretty.

  2. Anonymous On October 10, 2008 at 6:05 PM

    This is exactly why you cannot believe everything you hear!!

    As a former legislative assistant for Mr. Severson and District 14A I find this comment to be completely untrue.

    Although Cathy Jo Severson is involved in her husband's work as a representative of the people of Minnesota and specifically District 14A, she is in no way the one who makes the decisions that affect the people of this state.

    Mr. Severson is a very intelligent individual who has the ablity to listen to the comments and suggestions of others, BUT in the end is completely capable of making decisions for himself.

    I find it commending that his wife takes a strong interest in what he does. There is nothing wrong with obtaining others opinions and consulting those who are the closest to you before making a decision that may impact so many people.

    I can assure voters that when they cast their vote for Mr. Severson it is him and NOT his wife who they are electing to represent them.