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God's Representative (out of deference, I will no longer refer to him by his Earthly name) who is hoping to become God's Senator is full steam ahead with a new site to go along with his write-in campaign for Senate District 16. Coining the clever phrase, "write fighter" (like YOU could do better!), he is asking his disciples to go out and recruit others for this ambitious task.

A couple of quibbles:

First, I am somewhat concerned that people aren't going to take God's Representative very seriously when he is unable to spell the word "write" correctly. What is a Wright-In campaign? Shouldn't a future Senator ordained by the almighty be able to spell?

Second, God's Representative describes himself as "not being a career politician". Really? Let's see, after 16 years in government and a desperate campaign almost certain to fail in order to remain in that government is NOT a career politician? I would love to see a definition of a career politician if this one doesn't fit!

With yard signs popping up heralding the "Wright-In" candidacy of God's future Senator, we may yet see divine justice.


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  1. Gary Gross On October 23, 2008 at 3:04 AM

    Eric, I just posted a comment on Olson's blog. Whether he approves it is anybody's guess. He says that he's "the only ENDORSED REPUBLICAN in the State Senate race for District 16."

    Actually, that isn't how Minnesota State Law reads. Here's the relevant portion of Minnesota State Law:

    204D.10 Primary results; nominees.

    Subdivision 1. Partisan offices; nominees. The candidate for nomination of a major political party for a partisan office on the state partisan primary ballot who
    receives the highest number of votes shall be the nominee of that political party for that office, except as otherwise provided in subdivision 2.

    Subd. 2. Party primary; ten percent requirement. If at the state primary any individual seeking a major political party's nomination for an office receives a number of votes equal to ten percent of the average of the votes cast at the last state general election for state officers of that major political party within the district for which the office is voted, then all candidates of that major political party who receive the highest vote for an office are the nominees of that major political party. If none of the candidates of a major political party receive the required ten percent, then no
    candidates are nominated, and all the candidates of that major
    political party may be nominated by nominating petition as provided in sections 204B.07 to 204B.09. For the purposes of this subdivision, "state officers" mean the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state auditor, and attorney general.