With her hateful remarks reverberating throughout the net and causing an amazing spike in the fundraising for her opponent, it appears as though Bachmann is prepared to defend her remarks. A story in the West Central Tribune taken from the Associated Press has a spokesperson giving this comment:

Michelle Marston, spokeswoman for Bachmann's reelection campaign, said it's "perfectly legitimate for the American people to want to know how all this informs his policy positions and what direction an Obama Administration would want to lead the nation."

It is perfectly legitimate to question the "Americanism" of a candidate based upon an association he had with a man who had 40 years earlier committed despicable acts? While it 's bad enough that she chooses to defend an attack that has been debunked time and time again but she goes further to suggest that liberal itself is tantamount to "Anti-American" even calling for an investigation of these liberals. How long will the Bachmann Campaign defend these remarks before issuing an apology? I will not hold my breath...

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